Paradise City tonight @FictionBar


✿ Welcome to Paradise City

Spring is in the air… Wet weather is on its way out as sunshine slowly takes its place. As the winter blues draw to an end, we at Paradise City are doing our part to celebrate springtime with another city soirée, but wait, there’s more… The 9th of September is our 10th edition. Can you believe it? It seems just like yesterday that all these shenanigans began. So citizens, let’s do what we’ve doing since the beginning of this madnes: PARTY!

Being our 10th edition, we have pulled out all the stops when it comes to this month’s headline act. Two juggernauts of the techno scene… The one, a promoter behind the Hello Techno series, and the other, a talented producer under aliases such as LOBEL… This month we bring you a never before seen 3 hour masterclass of B_Type vs Danalog! This is going to be something truly special. As per usual, supporting these two will be the usual residents and party instigators: BRONSON, Tomas Kranenburg and Devoir.

Line Up:
B_Type vs danalog (3 hour set)
Tomas Kranenburg

As usual, supporting Paradise City’s sound will be an immersive visual experience, one which can only be seen to be believed. Not just another night at Fiction, but rather a journey into the frivolous, nonsensical place that is Paradise City.

▶ Dancefloor opens 10pm
▶ R30 before 11pm | R50 after 11pm
▶ No under 18s

Paradise City. Less serious, more fun.

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